Property Styling

Alan + Ella Styling Service specializes in styling properties for sale using our extensive range of designer furniture and European homewares on hand. Our key focus is to increase the appeal of a property to potential buyers and ultimately maximize the sale price.

Through our extensive experience working daily with our clients, we understand that in many instances people often find it challenging to visualize the potential look and feel of their home. It is also at times difficult for clients to separate their personal style from what may be most marketable. We know the importance of staging a property to its full potential in order to maximize value.

Staging a house to emulate the pages of a stylish home magazine is a way to ultimately push up the price and buyer interest and can add hundreds of thousands of dollars of value onto a property asking price. Should the buyers happen to fall in love with the furniture design for the home , Alan + Ella can also offer discounted furniture packages.

Our property styling service encompass the living, dining, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas.